4 products for real life beach hair

Aloha from Hawaii! Everybody is after the perfect, wavy, tousled looking beach hair. I decided to take the opportunity while I was at the beach to test 4 different products and report back. I used each product for 2 days at a time paying close attention to how well the product held, the texture and what made my hair feel most healthy.

If you have ever relaxed beach side you know that your hair is usually waving up in a frizzled mop or wet and matted to the side of your face. It can also bring out the most precious curls and simultaneously wreck your hairs health.

I wanted to know what I could use for a quick scrunch and set to keep my hair looking smooth and beachy all day,  and what I could use to keep the salt and chlorine from completely wrecking my hairs lustrous healthy shine.

Day 1 and 2 I used NeuVolume Surf Lotion by Neuma. This product smoothed what little natural waves I have and didn’t dry crunchy or wet looking. It’s volumizing property also gave me some much-needed height especially when I used the left over residue on my hands to scrunch the roots of my hair. I will say that if you don’t have much natural wave to your hair texture this product should still give you some volume but you may need something stronger to encourage the curl. The best part about this product is how natural the ingredients are.

Day 2 and 3 I used Coily by Kusco Murphy. This product gave me more gusto when it came to encouraging curl, and OH MY the smell is delicious. The product left my hair feeling soft, looking more curly and smelling great. I would recommend this product to all of my curly clients back at the salon. Use on all scrunch and go days for perfect curls. I’m in love.

Day 4 and 5 I used Keune So Pure Star Shaper. This product was different from the first two. Instead of encouraging curl or body this product was designed to give you long-lasting hold. I would recommend this product to any client whose hair is so naturally curly it could live in the eighties, or anybody with a more ethnic hair texture. I love a naturally wild set of curls and this product would provide the kind of hold you need to keep your loose locks looking smooth and bouncy instead of frizzy. This product would not be great on anybody with baby fine or super straight hair, it’s just a little heavy for that kind of texture.

Day 6 and 7 I finished my vacay with something meant to breathe the life back into my hair. I used the Leonor Greyl Huile Secret De Beaute in two different ways. On day 6 I dabbed a bit of the product in my palm and rubbed my hands together then applied to the ends of my hair in the morning, after swimming in the pool and at night. On day 7 I used the product as more of a treatment applying a generous amount to all of my hair starting at the ends and working my way up to the roots. I left this on for about an hour while i packed our nick nacks away. I finished up by showering the product out with shampoo and conditioner. Wow. My hair felt amazing. I would recommend this treatment to all blondes, anybody who gets highlights or anybody who is growing their hair out long.

To sum it all up, I loved all of these products. I would suggest you choose the one that fits your particular hair texture the best. If you need a consultation on your hair and what products would be perfect for you then you could always reach out to me for a consultation by emailing me at heather@pinkwestsalon.com or calling the salon for more information at 512-447-2888.



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