Need protein first thing? Me too…Home made protein bars.

As an experiment I decided to take a couple of friends advice and test out making my own protein bars. The idea was for me to get a decent amount of protein within 30 minutes of waking up while I simultaneously scramble to get my kids ready for school before the bus arrives. Two pregnancies and my 30’s have crept up on me ensuring that my body will never be the same so I need a healthier way to snack.


I started with Raw oats. I baked them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes just to get them a little crisp. I threw bananas and Veggie protein powder in my ninja and gave it a spin. I mixed the banana with the oats in a large mixing bowl, added honey that I got from a friend who keeps bees and some pecans…. and mix, mix, mix. I lined my cupcake pan with plastic wrap and scooped the mixture into each cup. Pop that puppy in the freezer for an hour and BAM! Pecan Oatmeal Protein bars.



Afterwards I served them at a play date I had with one of my favorite people and fellow stylists Kara Reeder and her two little sweeties. The immediate consensus from the tiny people was eeeeeew. Once the babies had settled into their art making with a fruit snack instead Kara and I did our own taste test and we decided that we liked them very much! My son who is 9 also ended up really liking them and has been eating them in the mornings every day since.

The protein powder taste was definitely prominent so the next time around I would consider adding some peanut butter or something with a distinct taste to round that out.


I have a thing about my food and it’s texture, it’s pretty terrible to know you might love the taste of something if only the texture didn’t clout every single bite. All the fish, mayo spreads, and egg dishes that I am missing out on. Straight shame. Well the Pecan Oatmeal Protein bars never quite dried out. I assume this is because I used banana or perhaps there is a baked version that would harden better. Either way I just kept my bars in the fridge since I used banana in them. Even though they were a little soft the texture was surprisingly easy to handle. The bars tasted good, the texture was okay and they were healthy, all natural and very filling. I give them at least 4 stars.



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