2 Easy Breezy updo’s when you only have 10 minutes

Washing your hair is over rated. I am not okaying you to stop bathing, or let your hair care get out of control oily. Your head shouldn’t look like the floor of the local Jiffy lube on the regular, but you absolutely do not have to wash your hair every day. You don’t have to wash it every other day for that matter.

What you should do… is bathe your body, wet your hair, even use your fingers to simulate a scrubbing motion along your scalp, but skip the shampoo almost as often as you like. A good rule of thumb is that you should probably soap up at least once a week. I personally shampoo about twice a week unless I have something going on that I feel the need to be especially fresh for.

I realize that by day 3 or 4 sometimes my hair can start to look a little greasy and wearing it down and limp isn’t the hottest look. So a couple of weeks ago on hair washing day (twice that week) I tried a quick updo to make my limp noodle locks look a little more kept. I spend my days beautifying my clients so my own morning beautification regimen is usually sub par. I had 10 minutes to fashion a updo that would last all day at work and make my hair seem fresh. Here is what I came up with…


I used 1 medium-sized butterfly clip to pull this style together. You can substitute that with any clip or pin you may have available, including bobby pins. I like to view this up swept style as bohemian and effortless. Here’s how in steps. Quick tip ( leave your part alone. This style is based on your hairs natural part. Don’t comb your hair up like you would in a high pony. )

  1. Pick up two sections of hair on either side of your face right where your eyebrows live. Each section should measure about 1 inch.
  2. Twist these two sections away from your face, all the way to the end.
  3.  Allow the two twists to meet at the back of your head just under the occipital bone and tie together with a pony tail holder.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with another section of hair just below your eyes.
  5. Pickup all the hair that has gathered at the base of your neck and fold it up and over tucking it into the twists you just secured.
  6. Use a clip, hairpin or bobby pin to set the hair you just swept up and over your twists.

Tadah! Updo done. Your ready for work. The key to this style is to allow your hair to tendril at will. let the little pieces fall around your neck and face, that’s what makes it look so effortless. A little messy is okay.


This has to be one of the easiest styles I have ever done. You may not be able to pull this one off unless your hair is at least shoulder length. Especially with this style dry shampoo will be your best friend. Hairspray has also come along way from the Aqua net days. You can probably get a really amazing and reliable hairspray from your local salon that will not make your hair feel as stiff as a scotch on the rocks. Here’s how to pull off the Hairbow…

  1. Pull all of your hair up on top of your head. Reach for the sky because you can’t see your bow at all if your pony is too low.
  2. Before you put your pony tail holder in place pull out some piecey bits around your face, unless you want a uber slick look.
  3. Wrap your pony tail holder around your hair at the top of your head. On the last wrap make it a bun with the ends sticking out the back. (like we did in the 90’s).
  4.  Turn the bun around so that the straight ends are poking out over the top of your head. You should look ridiculous by now.
  5. Part the perfect little bun into two sections pressing them down onto your head. ( these will be the sides of your bow )
  6.  Take the little straight tail of hair on top sticking out of your bun and fold it between the two sides of your bow. Secure this section at the back either with a bobby pin or by sticking the ends into the pony tail holder that is already there.

Rock your Hairbow all day and don’t be surprised when a few people get all excited about your do and ask how to pull it off themselves. Just send them a link to my blog and let them get the step by step.

Happy hair styling!



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