Lighting Is Everything

I have clients who will come into the salon after having the best color of their life and want to know what to do because every time they look in their bathroom mirror their hair ” looks yellow “, or ” looks flat “, or ” it’s red! ” Is their hair yellow, flat or red? Hell nooooooo. It is just as beautifully ashy blonde as it was when she left the salon.

What’s the problem then? She is not crazy and she’s probably not lying… the problem is the lighting. I conducted an experiment to prove it. The types of lighting are endless incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, natural, classic, spiral, tube, mini globe, and spotlight. I’ll spare you the continuance. The point is every shape and type of light source emits a different cast that can affect the way your eye perceives color. Your hair looks yellow even though it’s not because your bathroom light bulb made it look that way.

I did a little experiment to prove it… this gem is Aimee and she is one of my dearest coworkers and friends. We walked around the salon together and took pictures of her hair under different types of lighting at the salon.


Aimee is a platinum blonde who likes to dabble in fashion colors. Most recently she was a gorgeous shade of purple. That color has mostly faded out by now but notice in the bright sunlight you can see a lot more of the purple under tones. In the shade she looks like seamless icy blonde, but inside under the LED light she has a yellow glint to her platinum.

This is sheer proof that lighting is everything. Let this make you feel better about your hair color when you catch a glimpse of your self in your dim bathroom light or under the fluorescence at work. When your half bratty child calls your hair color yellow you can rest assured that your stylist wouldn’t let you leave looking like big bird unless you were going for a neon yellow fashion color.

On one last side note. If your hair truly is fading to a different color, which it always will by the time you need to come in again. There could be another reason that it is turning brassy. Mineral build up, product build up, your hair’s natural undertones etc. These all play a role in your hair fadeage.  Be willing to allow your stylist some investigative freedom to help you fix your problem. Perhaps they want you to try an exfoliating treatment or buy a new brand of product they feel wont build up. Having happy, healthy locks that don’t fade icky can take some maintenance depending on your environment and what you put in and on your body.



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