3 reasons you don’t need all that “volume on top”

I have noticed that I’ve had a significant increase in new clients coming in for a consultation with the common complaint that nobody can cut their hair right, to which I nod and prepare for a friendly mediation. Tell me first if you have ever said the following… ” I try to keep it shorter up top because I need the volume and body, but I really need some length in the back because I have a round face. ”

Realistically what is shorter in the front, pushed back off the face, has little voluminous layers on top, and is longer in the back? That is a friendly version of the mullet (see Reba below far left). Before you fall into that trap let me tell you that your mostly right. You probably could use some volume and body and if you feel like you have a rather round face there are things you can do about that. Pushing the hair up off your face to expose said roundness is not one of them.

So here are 3 reasons you don’t need all that “volume on top”…

  1. It dates you. There was a decade in which having all the little layering up top was totally in style, 2016 is not in that decade. You don’t have to do away with the volume. There is a fun little work around your stylist can use to give you all the volume without making 3 inch long layers at your crown. Interior layering is all the rage these days and can effectively give you body without the mullet.reba-pic-collage


2. You need the hair around your face. I know it drives you crazy to have it in your eyes and stuck to your cheeks but the round of the face can be combat by cutting the corners. You need that hair around your face to cut into the round and make your shape appear more oval.

3. It’s time for something new. Although it can be scary and feel uncomfortable changing your hair is as refreshing as re arranging our furniture. It can really make it look like a whole new you. Everybody will notice how fresh you look and in time you will get comfortable with the change.

Alright ladies now go see your stylist with a whole new perspective on your options and let them guide you in the right direction.



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