Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

I was wandering around our property. Looking for some smidge of scenery that would sum up what a new horizon meant to me. I was fingering the tall blades of grass and toodling around my chicken yard. I watched my little chicken babies. Oblivious to anything but the juicy bugs they were chasing down in the tall grass… Then I looked up and saw in the distance my daughter coddling a little bundle. She was cooing and stroking and basically taking care of her fluffy friend.

I knew that I had been coming upon a common life theme these past few weeks. The new horizon ahead of me has been leading up to this next year with my favorite word being care. As a mom to two kids, 3 dogs and 7 chickens I spend a lot of time taking care of them, but I am not doing it right. I need to be teaching them that I take care of them because I love them and that they should be doing the same thing for the people they love.

Children are born depending upon us as parents to give them everything they need to survive and thrive. They are born knowing how to take. They need to be taught how to stop just taking and start taking care of several things… each other, their family, their friends, their pets and most of all themselves.

I’m not going to teach my family how to take care of anything by placing demands, throwing fits or dropping all my responsibilities and letting everything go to hell. I am going to teach them how to take better care of everything by showing them that I take care of me, and expecting them to help me take care of our home and our life… I’ m thinking the best way to teach is to set a really good example, and your never to young to start practicing.

p.s. I’ve noticed that my kids and I get a lot more quality time when we are taking care of more  things together.



Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

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