Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

I was wandering around our property. Looking for some smidge of scenery that would sum up what a new horizon meant to me. I was fingering the tall blades of grass and toodling around my chicken yard. I watched my little chicken babies. Oblivious to anything but the juicy bugs they were chasing down in the tall grass… Then I looked up and saw in the distance my daughter coddling a little bundle. She was cooing and stroking and basically taking care of her fluffy friend.

I knew that I had been coming upon a common life theme these past few weeks. The new horizon ahead of me has been leading up to this next year with my favorite word being care. As a mom to two kids, 3 dogs and 7 chickens I spend a lot of time taking care of them, but I am not doing it right. I need to be teaching them that I take care of them because I love them and that they should be doing the same thing for the people they love.

Children are born depending upon us as parents to give them everything they need to survive and thrive. They are born knowing how to take. They need to be taught how to stop just taking and start taking care of several things… each other, their family, their friends, their pets and most of all themselves.

I’m not going to teach my family how to take care of anything by placing demands, throwing fits or dropping all my responsibilities and letting everything go to hell. I am going to teach them how to take better care of everything by showing them that I take care of me, and expecting them to help me take care of our home and our life… I’ m thinking the best way to teach is to set a really good example, and your never to young to start practicing.

p.s. I’ve noticed that my kids and I get a lot more quality time when we are taking care of more  things together.



Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Daily Prompt: Treasure 3 ways to enjoy your journey.

Tesoro, trésor, schat… treasure

When you google images the word treasure you will find several hundred photos of chests stuffed full of golden coins and jewelry, caves and maps. Call back every pirate movie you have ever watched. They make an epic journey and in the end they find the chest. It’s almost never full of what they were looking for in the first place. The main character is usually not happy with the actual treasure. They realize that what would make them happy was with them all along.

That’s why I feel like the real treasure is our journey. Our life. What you’re doing right now. Reading this post, snuggling by your fire, glancing up at the blinking Christmas tree, sending your bundled kids off to the bus, waking up at 6am every day, failing, winning, laughing and crying. Even the difficult moments or the hard parts in life are what makes it worth being truly alive, because you have no doubt heard the famous saying… “You can’t make a diamond without pressure.” Bring it on because I’m coming out shiny!

So… 3 basic ways toenjoy-your-journey

  1. Acceptance

Whatever is happening in this moment right now is and will remain what is happening. Unless there is something you can do literally and immediately to stop it. Honestly though if you could would you want to? Your kids are running around screaming at the top of their lungs, and your first reaction is to halt the activity. It’s distracting you, and hurting your ears, but do you want to? I found myself in a moment like this once, and as I opened my mouth I realized they were so happy. They were smiling and laughing. My daughters scream is actually a loud, high-pitched squeal of joy. Shes playing with her brother, and they are having a wonderful moment. I decided right then and there to accept what was happening and try to let it bring me joy too.


2. Check in

In more ways than the obvious. Set a day once a week where you check in with all of your loved ones, your inner circle. Send them each a quick text that you love them or are thinking about them. Call your Grandma. Then, check in with yourself. Take a moment to tune in with how you feel. Are you taking care of you? Have you drunk enough water? You have heard it before but it’s easy to ignore so I will tell you again. Your no good to anybody if you’re no good to you. Physically, mentally and emotionally allow yourself some time for self-care. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. Any little amount is a great start.

3.  Fail

Allow yourself and your family some room to fail. I will never forget this random Facebook post I read that encouraged us to ask our kids what they failed at today. I tried it out and realized how much I loved the idea. To fail also means that you tried. Trying is honestly one of the most important things we can do. So pat yourself on the back when you fail and be gracious when your family fails because all it really means is they are trying, the last thing you want is for them to give up on that.


It’s okay.



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Need protein first thing? Me too…Home made protein bars.

As an experiment I decided to take a couple of friends advice and test out making my own protein bars. The idea was for me to get a decent amount of protein within 30 minutes of waking up while I simultaneously scramble to get my kids ready for school before the bus arrives. Two pregnancies and my 30’s have crept up on me ensuring that my body will never be the same so I need a healthier way to snack.


I started with Raw oats. I baked them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes just to get them a little crisp. I threw bananas and Veggie protein powder in my ninja and gave it a spin. I mixed the banana with the oats in a large mixing bowl, added honey that I got from a friend who keeps bees and some pecans…. and mix, mix, mix. I lined my cupcake pan with plastic wrap and scooped the mixture into each cup. Pop that puppy in the freezer for an hour and BAM! Pecan Oatmeal Protein bars.



Afterwards I served them at a play date I had with one of my favorite people and fellow stylists Kara Reeder and her two little sweeties. The immediate consensus from the tiny people was eeeeeew. Once the babies had settled into their art making with a fruit snack instead Kara and I did our own taste test and we decided that we liked them very much! My son who is 9 also ended up really liking them and has been eating them in the mornings every day since.

The protein powder taste was definitely prominent so the next time around I would consider adding some peanut butter or something with a distinct taste to round that out.


I have a thing about my food and it’s texture, it’s pretty terrible to know you might love the taste of something if only the texture didn’t clout every single bite. All the fish, mayo spreads, and egg dishes that I am missing out on. Straight shame. Well the Pecan Oatmeal Protein bars never quite dried out. I assume this is because I used banana or perhaps there is a baked version that would harden better. Either way I just kept my bars in the fridge since I used banana in them. Even though they were a little soft the texture was surprisingly easy to handle. The bars tasted good, the texture was okay and they were healthy, all natural and very filling. I give them at least 4 stars.